Spend the Night in a Treehouse, Zipline, and More at Cypress Valley Canopy Tours

Cypress Valley Canopy Tours is a treetop resort nestled in the hills of the beautiful Texas Hill Country in Spicewood, Texas. It is located just 30 miles outside of Austin, which makes it an easy commute from the city, but it’s far enough away to make you feel completely off-the-grid. Here you can live out your childhood dreams of sleeping in a treehouse, doing a zip-lining tour, and much more. This is the place to go if you want a relaxing and fun getaway experience in Central Texas.


The owners of the resort, David and Amy Beliharz, moved their four children out to Spicewood in 1998 to live alongside nature. They began searching for a way to share their passion for raising awareness for the environment, spending quality family time together, and love of nature with others. Cypress Valley Canopy Tours opened for business in 2005.


The resort compliments the land by developing alongside nature and showcasing its natural beauty instead of trying to alter it. All of the tour guides and staff are extremely knowledgeable about the land, and they each do their part to promote environmental awareness. I love Cypress Valley because they are so devoted to the conservation of nature. The property is largely powered by solar energy.


There are five treehouses built high above the ground in the massive cypress trees: Yoki, Lofthaven, Juniper, Willow, and The Nest. There is also a Ranch House available that can sleep up to 14 people. You can check out their different treehouses here: 

Website: Cypress Valley Canopy Tours

Juan and I decided to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year with a romantic night sleeping in the Juniper Treehouse.

Outside it was a chilly February night, but inside the cabin was toasty and warm. The bed was impressively comfortable, and there were plenty of soft blankets for us to snuggle up in. Juan said it was the best night of sleep he’s ever had, and I agree! It was so peaceful sleeping in the cozy, warm bed while being able to hear the creek flowing beneath us. We woke up well-rested to the sun rising, birds chirping, and the soothing sounds of the ravine below.

We loved our stay so much that we decided to come back again in the spring to experience a zip-lining tour. The zip-lining was thrilling, and we learned so much about the land around us from our hilarious and well-informed tour guides. The canopy tour lasted about 1.5 hours and included 2 sky bridges, 5 zip-lines, and a rappel. If you come during the summer, there is a seasonal lake zip-line and rope swing.

You can find more information on their zip lining tours on their website.

Website: Cypress Valley Canopy Adventures

We also had the incredible opportunity to explore The Nest, one of the most breathtaking structures I’ve ever seen. This treehouse is suited for 4-6 guests and is located on an active part of the zip-line trail. The inspiration for Cypress Valley was brought to the owner, David, after experiencing a canopy tour in Costa Rica. That Costa Rican influence is apparent in The Nest. While we were exploring this massive treehouse, I truly felt like I had escaped to a jungle somewhere deep in Central America.



With a treehouse stay or zip-lining tour, you have access to the many other activities available on the property. There are basketball and volleyball courts, a beautiful pool, hammocks, and the lake. The grounds are set up to be a nice place to spend the day hanging out with your friends and family.

Be sure to check out their gift shop before you leave! They have super comfortable t-shirts, tank-tops, and jackets. Juan and I bought shirts during our visit, and almost every time we wear them out we get stopped by people who have been to Cypress Valley and want to talk about how much they loved it. In the short time since our visit, we’ve been approached by people who have stayed in treehouses, people who have taken zip-line tours, and people who have visited the Ranch House for bachelorette parties. I think the number of people who have gone out of their way to talk to us about their love for Cypress Valley Canopy Tours is a true testament of how unique, special, and memorable this place is.

I will never forget the time we’ve spent and the memories we made at Cypress Valley Canopy Tours, and I know we will be lifelong customers. The resort is so close to Austin, and it was such a fun and relaxing getaway. I can’t wait for the chance to go back!

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