The FOMO Factory: Inside Austin’s First Instagram Pop Up Museum

Pop-up museums have been appearing all over the country and I have been curious to see what the hype is all about. This past weekend I visited The FOMO Factory, which is a pop-up art installation dedicated to taking you back to your childhood days while providing the cutest backdrops for you to get that perfect Instagram selfie.



Each room has several unique scenes laid out to trigger your childhood nostalgia. The themes range from high school hallways to elementary school playgrounds. 


There are many interactive aspects to the art installation, such as sweet treats to taste and a ball pit to jump in.



I was a little worried about how crowded it would be before I went, but thankfully they only let a set number of people purchase tickets at any given time, so crowds were not an issue at all. I had plenty of time for pictures in front of every backdrop.




The installation is supposed to take you about an hour to get through. I genuinely could not have had a better experience. The staff was SO kind and helpful, and they totally didn’t judge me for doing multiple outfit changes!


I would recommend this 100% if you are looking for a fun place to take pictures. Make sure you book your tickets soon to avoid missing out! The installation will only be in Austin until January 27th. Tickets are available for purchase on their website:

3 thoughts on “The FOMO Factory: Inside Austin’s First Instagram Pop Up Museum

  1. Heyyy!

    This is a perfect instagrammable place. Can’t agree more😅

    Oh btw,
    I was browsing through the reader’s section and just dropped by this blog.
    This is the first piece of content from your blog, was worth the read. Will look out for more.


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