Tacotopia X SHEIN

Lately I’ve been seeing clothes from the brand SHEIN all over my Instagram feed. I decided to order a few of their outfits to see if they really live up to all the hype. Luckily, another Pop-Up Museum came to Austin, providing me with the perfect opportunity to wear my new clothes!

The Pop-Up Museum, Tacotopia, advertises itself as an Instagram playground. The ad we received says, “Imagine a wonderland where you are sliding down an over-sized tortilla chip into a giant pico de gallo foam pit, or capturing your happy on a taco teeter totter before jumping on a Margarita inspired lime swing.” SOLD!


If you see any SHEIN outfits that you like on this post, my discount code is “T5cheyanra”. You can use this code at any time for an extra 15% off. The first outfit I ordered from SHEIN was this grid crop top and skirt.


It’s only $9 online, and with my discount code it was under $8. It almost seems too good to be true. SHEIN ships out of China, which made me think it would take forever to get here. I wasn’t expecting it to show up for a long time, but my package arrived in under 2 weeks.


I actually really love this outfit. It’s stretchy material that hugs your body, so it fits me well. And for how inexpensive it is, I think it’s definitely worth purchasing. 

The second outfit I ordered was this orange tie crop top and skirt. It is listed at $14 on the SHEIN website, so $12 with my discount code.


This looks so glamorous on the model and I was hoping it would look just as good on me.


This outfit is just as seductive as it looks online and I love the pictures I took in this. However, be aware that the material is kind of see-through and the skirt is extremely short in the front. You’ll need to wear the right type of underwear to not have it show.

The next outfit I ordered was this striped bow tie front crop top and shorts set. It costs $12 at SHEIN, with my discount code it is just over $10. There weren’t any pictures of this outfit on a model, so I wasn’t sure how it was going to fit.


These shorts have a stretchy waistband that hugs your body. I really like the way they fit.


The top is also cute and I like that it ties into a bow in the back. I think this is definitely worth getting if you want a trendy and inexpensive summer outfit.

The last outfit I ordered is my favorite of them all, this red crop top and slit pants set.


It costs $18 on the SHEIN website, so just over $15 with my code. I wore this during South by Southwest and got so many compliments on my outfit. I felt so cute in this!! I am so happy I ordered this.


I would definitely order clothes from SHEIN again. It’s perfect if you are wanting to get a lot of clothes at once because it is so inexpensive. The material of the clothes isn’t super high-end, but the outfits are still really cute! I hate wearing the same outfits over and over again, and SHEIN makes it affordable to have a good variety of stylish clothes.

We loved our experience at Tacotopia! My favorite part was the guacamole foam pit and getting to eat delicious tacos at the end. If you want to see more pictures and videos of our trip to this Pop-Up Museum, check out my “Tacotopia” stories highlight on Instagram. Unfortunately this museum is no longer in Austin, but it will be in LA, New York, Chicago, and Miami next. You can get more information about Tacotopia here:

Website: Tacotopia

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