10 Picturesque Locations You Need to Visit in Aruba

1. Arikok National Park Did you know that 20% of Aruba’s land is a protected national park? Arikok National Park is the perfect place to experience Aruba’s gorgeous desert landscape and breathtaking coastline. Tickets are $11 per person, and you can purchase them when you arrive. You’ll need to either pay a tour guide to takeContinue reading “10 Picturesque Locations You Need to Visit in Aruba”

How to See Flamingos in Aruba

Endless outdoor activities, pristine white sand beaches, and unique wildlife are just a few things that keep travelers coming back to Aruba. Aruba’s slogan is “One Happy Island,” and it definitely lives up to its reputation. One of the most exciting attractions this Dutch island has to offer is its famous beach flamingos. After seeingContinue reading “How to See Flamingos in Aruba”