Support Ethical Fashion With Girl Intuitive

I just returned from my trip to Asia safe and sound and I am very excited to start sharing my vacation photos with all of you! Before I left I picked out a bunch of cute outfits that I thought would look pretty in my next batch of photos. I am very happy to have had the opportunity to collaborate with the fashion boutique Girl Intuitive during my vacation. Girl Intuitive sells the most beautiful bohemian clothing and accessories. My favorite thing about this shop is how unique all of their pieces are, and their products are handmade! They sell items from France, Turkey, Africa, Latin America, India, and Nepal. Many of their products also help out the local communities of the places in which they originate by providing jobs and education to the locals. You can check out their website HERE. If you like any of the items you see on this post, use my discount code “CHEYANNEHERRERA” for 15% off your entire order at Girl Intuitive.

The first outfit I assembled is based around their Hand Embroidered White Tunic Dress. I LOVE the dress, it is so detailed and I can tell it was handcrafted with care. I wore it a lot on my trip as both a dress and a coverup. 


I paired this dress with the Threaded Arrow Silver Earrings, the Nakamol Amazonite Center Wrap Bracelet, and the Mosaic Worldfinds Tribal Crossbody Bag. I was very impressed with the high quality of all of the accessories. 

I love the earrings, bracelet, and bag I selected because they pair well with so many different looks! This is very important to me while traveling to help avoid overpacking. I always try to pick out accessories that will go with the majority of the outfits I bring.

My favorite item that I ordered from Girl Intuitive is definitely the tribal crossbody bag. Not only is it extremely cute and exactly my style, it’s also the perfect size. I wanted a small crossbody bag that will match a lot of outfits that is still big enough to fit my most important items. This crossbody bag fits my wallet, passport, phone, headphones, and lipstick perfectly inside, which is all I really need when I’m out. The bag can be stored in the back of an airplane seat, which makes it easy to have my important belongings on me while flying without taking up any of my precious leg room.


This bag was ethically obtained and handmade by marginalized women in India. This purchase helps those women receive training, fair wages, education, and supports community development. You can learn more about the women who created this, their stories, and how this purchase supports them at

The next outfit I put together is the Amenapih Rolly Yellow Dress paired with the Moon Fringe Gold Earrings and the Mosaic Worldfinds Tribal Crossbody Bag. Once again, I love this bag because it goes with so many outfits. The same goes for these earrings, I wore them with a ton of different looks.

The yellow rolly dress is such a fun flowy piece! Just like the tunic dress, it’s easy to slip on over a swimsuit or simply wear as a cute dress. I put this on over my swimsuit while hiking and exploring waterfalls, and as a dress when we visited the Sirao Gardens in Cebu.

I am so happy with the products I received from Girl Intuitive and definitely want more of their pieces. Their bohemian look is definitely my style, and I was very impressed with the high level of quality of each of the items I chose.

I love to support brands who are making a positive change in the world, and by supporting the local communities of the products they sell, Girl Intuitive is doing just that!

Don’t forget to use my code “CHEYANNEHERRERA” for 15% off at Girl Intuitive.

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